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  "Mir Dekora" is an artistic and technical company, which provides its services in Altea, Albir, Benidorm, Calpe, Morairaю It also works on-site throughout Spain upon a large volume of works. The main direction of our company is a restoration of various objects and materials - all kinds of stone, metal, wood and plastics. 
  Our team also includes the qualified designers and architects, whose projects or sketches are inceptive of everything. Online design significantly saves you TIME AND MONEY! 
  Our sculptors-artists will make for you an exclusive bas-relief or painting of walls and ceilings, and the gilders will revive the white plaster stucco with the gold and silver leaf.

Our company offers services for professional assembly of all types of furniture. Installing fireplaces and stoves with wood and pellets. Installation and maintenance of air conditioners. Build garden houses and BBQ sets. Mounting curtains and blinds. Painting interiors and exteriors. Installation of chandeliers, lamps, lanterns. Replacement of sockets, switches and lights. Repair of bathroom facilities. And much more.


By choosing a fireplace, everyone, of course, wants the work of the fireplace to be perfect for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not enough to buy the high quality fireplace from the famous producer - it is also required a competent installation of the fireplace. That is why it is important to draw attention to the qualification of masters, conducting the installation works.


The Finns believe very much in the healing properties of their sauna, where a steam is dry and the temperature is higher than in the Russian sauna. They say that everyone, who is able to reach the sauna, can use it. In Russia, the sauna has long been a large exotic, and not everyone could reach it. The Russian and Finns have always used swithes, and when they have warmed up, they have dipped into cold water or wiped snow down. The Finns visit the sauna from the childhood to extreme old age.


Upon performing the stucco gilding in the form of street stucco elements, we can guarantee a preservation of gilding for many years without the need for restoration during this time. The stucco gilding, gold-plating, silvering of parts, stucco decoration with the gold and silver leaf, do not tolerate haste and amateurism. We employ gilders with a great experience. By using our services, you can be sure about the quality of gilding.


There are many types of restoration, which are divided according to different criteria. The main purpose of restoration in all types is to restore the item losses (defects resulting from the operation - chips, bumps, cracks, etc.), to improve its appearance and to preserve the item.


We will produce the furniture of your dream that will make your home cozy and your business - presentable. We create a sense of home and feeling that you are at home. Our carpentry workshop will produce the high-quality furniture with a natural solid wood (pine, oak, ash) of the sizes and color tone according to your order, with the delivery and assembly at your home on a turnkey basis. Always stylish, high quality and comfortable.


The wood carvers will make a necessary detail of any complexity, with any species of wood; and the moulders will make the same detail in plastic, metal, or pour it with plaster or concrete. Nowadays, the wood carving has reached a new level. From a small medal to a large multi-storey sculpture - it's all within our power.

Advantages of "Mir Dekora"

Quality. Timely order production. Individual approach to each customer. We are responsible from the beginning to the end of work.

Wide choice

"Mir Dekora" includes a wide variety of decoration and facing throughout Costa Blanca. The quality and performance of our work will reliably capture your imagination.


A great attention is paid to the training of employees by the company. Our masters perfectly know their business and are always ready to help you with choosing the best option. The entire staff has an extensive experience, each master is an expert in his/herbusiness. And the foundation is hidden in a long-standing practice.


We work with the leading manufacturers of tools and materials. This allows us offering you the high quality products at the affordable prices.



Installation. Assembly.

Installation. Assembly.

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Professional shipping

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Service and repair.

Qualified service and repair.

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Manual and machine carving. Of any complexity.

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Art painting of the floor, walls, ceilings, furniture and cars.

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Interior and exterior gilding with the gold and silver leaf.

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Order a project sitting at home from anywhere in the world.

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Interior and exterior restoration.

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Production of the saunas and baths according to the customer's project.

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Summer House and Shed

Production of the summer houses and sheds of any from and dimensions. Quickly and with a guarantee.

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Production on a turnkey basis. Decorative and for home heating. Unique. Guarantee.

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Production of furniture of any complexity with the natural wood according to the customer's project.

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Production of bedrooms with the natural wood on request.

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Production of the kitchen furniture set with its further mounting on a turnkey basis.

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Designing of the bathrooms on a turnkey basis. The best design ideas.

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Designing and manufacturing of stairs.

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A furniture set in your hallway.

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Children room

All the best for children!

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Execution of volumetric images by the artists-sculptors. Toning and painting of the bas-reliefs.

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Restoration and decoration of facades. Landscape design. Fountains and alpine gardens.

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Design and decoration of interiors. Unique. Guarantee.

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